Goodcom employees

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival in traditional Chinese culture, representing reunion and beauty. On this special day, Goodcom decided to celebrate in a unique way – holding a wonderful team-building activity of “Bobing”.

At the beginning of the activity, Goodcom employees were divided into two groups, and members of each group gathered together to welcome this anticipated Mid-Autumn Festival team building. The cake table is filled with delicious mooncakes, various snacks and rich gifts. The employees enthusiastically participated in the “Bobing game”, and every roll of the dice represented a mood of expectation and surprise.

During the “Bobing game” process, each team strives to compete for the title of “top pick”, representing the player with the highest score in “Bobing game”. This honor not only brings additional gifts, but also represents the group’s outstanding performance in the game. Employees encourage each other in competition, and friendship & teamwork are best reflected at this moment.

Goodcom Bobing

In the end, the two groups each won their own top pick. In order to celebrate this honor, Goodcom organized a fierce PK for the top pick. The two top picks will compete in “Bobing game” skills and luck to show their strength. This competition is not only a test of skills, but also a challenge to teamwork and competitive awareness.

Finally, the two top picks will compete for the final honor in the King of Kings PK. They will try their best to show off their pie betting skills and compete for the highest honor of the company’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.

The Mid-Autumn Festival celebration not only promotes traditional culture, but also strengthens team cohesion and friendship among Goodcom Family. Everyone got gifts in the “Bobing game”, and also experienced the joy of cooperation and competition. The final PK of the top pick brought the event to a perfect end, fully demonstrating everyone’s team spirit and fighting spirit. Through such activities, Goodcom not only allows employees to spend an unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival, but also injects more emotion and vitality into the corporate culture.