Goodcom, a renowned POS manufacturer, has unveiled a new plugin designed to enhance the order management process for restaurants using WooCommerce. This innovative addition enables restaurants to communicate delivery times to customers through email replies, featuring key details such as Order ID, Ordered requested,Processing time. Notably, the plugin also allows for customization of the email format, enabling restaurants to include their own logo for a personalized touch.

Efficient Order Coordination:

The integration of Goodcom’s plugin with WooCommerce provides restaurants with a streamlined method to share delivery times directly with customers through email replies. This feature aims to enhance the efficiency of order coordination, providing clarity for both customers and restaurant staff.

Essential Information in Email Replies:

Restaurants can respond to customers via email with delivery times. The reply email generated by this plugin contains important information such as Order ID, Ordered requested, Processing time. This ensures a transparent communication channel for efficient order fulfillment.

Customizable Email Format:

A notable feature of Goodcom’s plugin is the ability for restaurants to customize the email format. This includes the option to incorporate their own logo, adding a personalized touch to the communication process. The flexibility in formatting allows businesses to align the emails with their unique brand identity.

Logo Inclusion for Brand Recognition:

The addition of the restaurant’s logo to the email format not only personalizes the communication but also contributes to brand recognition. This visual element serves as a representation of the restaurant’s identity, reinforcing the brand in the minds of customers and creating a more cohesive experience.

Flexible Email Customization:

Goodcom’s commitment to user-friendly solutions is evident in the flexibility offered for email customization. Restaurants can adapt the format according to their specific needs, allowing for adjustments in layout, promotional elements, and the inclusion of special offers. This flexibility ensures that the communication aligns with the overall marketing strategy of the restaurant.

User-Friendly Integration with WooCommerce:

The plugin seamlessly integrates with the WooCommerce platform, maintaining Goodcom’s commitment to user-friendly solutions. The installation and configuration process is straightforward, allowing restaurant owners to implement and personalize the plugin with ease.


Goodcom’s WooCommerce plugin presents a practical solution for restaurants seeking to enhance their order management processes. The ability to communicate delivery times via email replies, coupled with customizable features such as logo inclusion, reflects a commitment to efficiency and user customization. This straightforward and practical tool is poised to make a positive impact on the order fulfillment experience for both restaurants and their customers.