In order to meet the restaurant’s need for online order printers to be able to set different working hours, GcAnyorder APP has launched the function of customizing the printer’s online time to synchronize it with the restaurant’s business hours. After completing the personalized settings, the printer can autonomously adjust the printer’s online/offline mode according to business hours.

During business hours, the Goodcom Android pos printer will stay connected to the internet, efficiently processing and printing order receipts. During the off-hours of the restaurant, the printer seamlessly transitions to offline mode. Not only does this save energy, it also allows for strategic rejection of orders received outside of business hours. Customers placing orders during this period will receive prompt feedback and the reason for rejection(the rejection reason can also be customized, such as ‘time unavailable’).

Let’s take a look at how to customize the restaurant business hours:

  • First, click on Settings, then click on General Settings.
  • Secondly, enable the online/offline function.
  • Third, determine the business hours. 3 sets of business hours can be set.
GcAnyorder APP

In addition to the general restaurant daily business settings, you can also set holidays and weekly working hours in the custom time interface. Users can set holidays by themselves. The printer will automatically switch online/offline mode according to the settings.

online order

During business hours, the printer will connect to the internet, receive and print order receipts. When the restaurant is closed, the printer rejects the order and automatically communicates the reason for the rejection to the customer.

printer’s online
online order printers

In summary, integrating business hours into the printer’s online functionality via the GcAnyorder APP is a humanized solution for both large and small restaurant. This function not only ensures smoother, more energy-efficient operations, but also reinforces the commitment to customer service and satisfaction in the ever-evolving restaurant environment.