We’re delighted to announce that GcAnyOrder has officially launched on the Google Play Store! GcAnyOrder is an application designed for efficiently managing online order for food. It offers a comprehensive order management solution by integrating order receiving capabilities from various ways, such as email, webhook, woocommerce, wppizza, opencart, laravel, and more.

Google Play Store

After receiving an order, users can easily choose to accept or reject it, providing flexibility and control to the online order for food management process. Once an order is accepted, users are prompted to specify a delivery time, streamlining the meal prep scheduling process. After confirmation, a receipt is generated immediately to facilitate smooth meal preparation and delivery. For rejected orders, the system provides a range of customizable rejection reasons for users to choose from to ensure clear communication with customers.

Furthermore, GcAnyOrder offers extensive customization options to meet individual preferences. Users have the freedom to personalize the application according to their specific needs. They can modify the overall theme, select their preferred notification sound for incoming orders, customize the format of printed receipts, and seamlessly integrate their restaurant’s logo. These features empower users to create a tailored and branded experience, ensuring efficiency and consistency in order management while enhancing the overall customer experience.


Whether it’s on GOODCOM’s restaurant handheld pos system or other handheld pos systems for restaurants available in the market, like Sunmi, GcAnyOrder ensures the printing of satisfactory orders. This not only enhances the efficiency of your service but also comes with numerous benefits for your business.


Now, you must be eager to acquire GcAnyOrder, the efficient solution for managing online order for food. Simply click on this link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gcanyorder.ordermanage or search and download it from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, contact our staff to purchase your account and password. Afterward, follow the provided instructions to log in with your credentials, and you’re all set to start using it for online order for food seamlessly.