Main Plugin – Goodcom Printer Plugin for Woocommerce

A printer plugin for WooCommerce websites has been developed by Goodcom. This plugin allows WooCommerce websites to be smoothly integrated with Goodcom’s handheld Android POS printer terminal. Order receipts can be printed and received from your website via the Goodcom-developed GcAnyOrder APP when you install the printer plugin on your WooCommerce website.

– Goodcom order template:

This plugin is for receipts. To print clearer receipts, we have developed an order template that supports HTML templates. The benefit is that it allows for more visually appealing and customizable receipt formatting, improving the overall clarity and presentation of the printed receipts.

– Goodcom order mailto:

This plugin is designed for customers placing orders online. When a restaurant receives orders from customers, it needs to confirm the orders and select the delivery time. Upon installing this plugin, consumers can receive order confirmation and delivery time emails.

The benefit of this plugin is that it enhances customer communication and transparency by providing timely order confirmations and delivery updates, leading to improved customer satisfaction and trust in the ordering process.

– Goodcom printer management:

This plugin is for printer management. It manages printers through the WordPress background. You can check the online status, update parameters, upgrade versions, and more without the need for remote settings to download parameters.

The advantage of this plugin is that it simplifies printer management tasks by providing a seamless integration with the WordPress platform. It enables efficient monitoring of printer status and facilitates easy parameter and version updates.

Printer Management

– goodcom restaurant business opening:

This plugin is designed to manage the status of a restaurant business. In the GcAnyOrder app, users can toggle the restaurant status between open and closed. When the status is set to “off” on GcAnyOrder, it synchronizes with the WooCommerce website. The website will then display a ‘we are off now’ , and the shopping cart will be disabled, preventing customers from placing orders.

The advantage of this plugin is that it facilitates real-time synchronization of the restaurant’s operating status between the GcAnyOrder app and the WooCommerce website, ensuring that customers are informed of the business hours and preventing them from attempting to place orders when the restaurant is closed.

goodcom restaurant business opening
goodcom restaurant business opening

– goodcom multi vendor for wc marketplace:

Some restaurants operate as multi-vendor establishments, utilizing the WCFM plugin for managing multiple vendors. We have developed a plugin that supports this functionality, enabling identification of distinct vendor IDs generated by the WCFM plugin. By configuring printers with different restaurant IDs, this plugin ensures that orders from different restaurants are received and printed by different printers based on the respective restaurant IDs.

The advantage of this plugin is that it seamlessly integrates with the WCFM plugin, allowing restaurants with multiple vendors to efficiently manage and process orders by automatically routing them to the designated printers based on the unique restaurant IDs.

goodcom multi vendor for wc marketplace

– goodcom multi vendor for dokan:

This plugin is designed for multi-vendor solution. It facilitates the identification of restaurant IDs, streamlining the order fulfillment process and enhancing the overall operational efficiency of multi-vendor restaurants.

When certain contents, such as delivery time, are included in the order information, installing these plugins enables the printing of these contents.

goodcom order delivery for woofood;

goodcom order delivery for exwoofood;

goodcom order delivery for byconsole;

goodcom order delivery for food store;

goodcom order delivery Iconic.

Goodcom Printer Plugin for WooCommerce Changelog


Oct. 13, 2023

V 2.0 – New features

Complete new version with more features:

1. Support extra plugin for product management. The restaurant/vendor will be able to switch on/off the product through GcAnyOrder App. If a product is sold out, the restaurant can simply turn it off without logging in the wordpress back end.


Sep. 10, 2023

V 1.0 – Latest Version

Support extra plugin for printer management. With the “printer management” plugin, the woocommerce store owner will be able to manage the printer equipment through wordpress backend. For example, he can see the status of the printer – On or Off; he can update the settings to the printer without going to the restaurants.

Contact Us to get the latest V 1.0 version of “goodcom printer for woocommerce” plugin.


Feb. 14, 2023

Add features:

1. Support latest versions of the html templates.


April 22, 2021

Add features:

1. Add goodcom_option_type: Option Extra. To print add ons for order items

2. Add Open / Close Restaurant Feature Through GcAnyOrder App.

3. Support editing layout templates. An extra Plugin – “goodcom-order-template” should be installed to Woocommerce.

goodcom printer for woocommerce order printout


January 8, 2021

Add features:

1. Support goodcom_delivery_type: Extensible Plug in. By selecting this, the “delivery time” and “request date & time” could be modified by other plugins.

2. Support Multi Vendor Plugins. An extra plugin is released to support WCFM multi vendor plugin. Contact us now for details.


August 24, 2020

Add features:

Support to send email notice to the customer after the order was confirmed by the restaurant.

Extra Plugin “goodcom_printer_order_mailto” should be installed to WooCommerce. Contact us to get the details.


May 14, 2020

Add features:

1. Support woofood plugin; support pick up/delivery status provided by woofood; support “requested time” provided by woofood.

2. Support prefix for order options. (“-“default )

V 1.0.9

August 14, 2019

Add features:

1. Support different payment methods

2. Support to print Takeout Payment Method Cash when printing Takeout order receipts.


July 8th, 2019

Initial Release

Goodcom developed the plugin for managing WooCommerce order printing and processing restaurant confirmation information through the Goodcom Printer Equipment.