Welcome to Goodcom android pos with printer behind-the-scenes exploration of the factory testing process! In this blog, we’ll take you on an exciting journey, revealing the critical steps to ensure the highest quality products you love. From raw materials to finished products, from finished products to shipment, Goodcom control quality at every level to meet industry standards and customer expectations. Dive into the world of factory testing with us and witness the meticulous measures taken to create first-class products.

1. Incoming inspection:

Our journey begins with inspecting incoming raw materials. This stage involves thoroughly examining and testing the raw materials, components, and parts used to build the machines. It ensures that only high-quality materials are used, reducing the chances of faulty products during assembly.

2. In-Process inspection:

Android terminal pos throughout the manufacturing process, quality control inspectors assess the machines at various stages. They conduct tests, measurements, and visual inspections to verify that the components are assembled correctly and that the machines are functioning as expected.

factory testing process

3. Performance Testing:

Machines undergo rigorous performance testing to evaluate their efficiency, accuracy, and reliability under normal operating conditions. This testing ensures that the machines can consistently meet or exceed performance expectations.

4. Inspection and aging:

Goodcom’s pos machine have been inspected layer by layer in the factory, and our salesmen start the second round of performance inspection and aging after leaving the factory.

5. Customer Feedback and Warranty Tracking:

We actively follow up on customer machine usage, and feedback from customers who have used the machine provides valuable insight into potential issues and areas for improvement. Goodocm have been constantly updating and improving the machines.

In a word, Goodcom has been pursuing quality first, providing customers with reliable, safe and high-performance machines. By implementing a comprehensive testing and inspection process, Goodcom builds trust with customers across the globe and maintains a reputation for producing top-notch products.