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Mobile Recharge and Airtime Top Up

The Mobile Recharge and Airtime Top Up Machine could be perfectly used for Airtime vending and distributing business. It supports various communication mode, WiFi, 4G, WCDMA, GPRS, SMS, USSD, STK. They’ve been widely applied for Africa regions, for example, Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, etc., especially for M- PESA solutions. The working flow is highly customizable. And there are DIY tool for the design of voucher format, logo, etc..

Basic Work Flow

1. The customer wants to do top up, and comes to the agent / shop.
2. The user initiates the transactions on the printer. He enters to the printer menu and selects the mobile operators, enters the mobile phone and the amount.
3. The information is sent to the server or SMS gateway.
4. The server or SMS gateway receives the information and responds to the printer.
5. The printer receives the response from web server and prints the receipt, including the contents of transaction ID, Mobile No., Amount, Operator, etc.