Managing online food orders can be challenging, but with the Gcanyorder app and GOODCOM’s powerful backend system, it’s easier than ever. Here’s how our integrated solution can transform your business operations:

Key Benefits:

1. Seamless Device Integration:

Easily add and bind a variety of devices, including GOODCOM GT81P, GT81, GT90, and other popular models like GT90EZplus and Sunmi. Our backend system ensures that all your devices are interconnected and streamlined, allowing for a cohesive operational workflow. Whether you’re setting up new devices or managing existing ones, our system simplifies the process.

2. Efficient Regional Management:

With the ability to manage regional classifications, you can tailor your operations to specific areas. This feature enhances coordination and delivery efficiency, allowing you to allocate resources and manage orders more effectively based on regional demands. By segmenting your operations regionally, you can improve both speed and service quality.

3. Real-Time Status Monitoring:

Our backend system provides a comprehensive overview of your devices and accounts, including their online and offline statuses. This real-time monitoring capability ensures that you stay informed about the current state of your operations. By accessing a single dashboard, you can quickly identify and resolve issues, ensuring all your devices are functioning optimally.

4. Remote Management Capabilities:

GOODCOM’s backend system allows you to manage your devices and accounts remotely. You can update apps, download files, and send notifications from any location. This flexibility saves you time and reduces the need for on-site management. By remotely performing essential tasks, you can maintain control over your operations regardless of where you are.

5. Customizable Notifications:

Send targeted messages to your devices with customizable notification methods, including pop-ups or printed messages. You can schedule notifications to ensure timely communication with your team. This feature is particularly useful for keeping your staff informed about updates, orders, and other important information, enhancing overall communication efficiency.

6. Enhanced Log Access:

Easily view detailed logs of your devices and accounts to monitor performance, troubleshoot issues, and maintain a clear record of activities. By having access to comprehensive logs, you can better understand the operational history and make informed decisions based on past performance.

7. Automatic Updates:

Keep your devices up to date with automatic app updates. Our backend system ensures that your devices always have the latest features and security enhancements without requiring manual intervention. This feature reduces downtime and ensures that you benefit from the most recent improvements and fixes.


Gcanyorder, combined with GOODCOM’s backend system, offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing your online food orders. Enjoy seamless device integration, real-time monitoring, remote management, customizable notifications, enhanced log access, and automatic updates—all designed to enhance your business operations. Embrace the future of order management with GOODCOM and take your business efficiency to the next level.