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GOODCOM is a leading manufacturer and solution provider of Android POS Machines. Since its establishment in 2002, GOODCOM has specialized in manufacturing, researching, and designing a wide range of products including Android Printer POS Terminals, Mobile POS Devices with built-in printers, WiFi GPRS SMS Printers, and Mini Bluetooth Printers.

The Goodcom factory holds ISO9001 certification, ensuring high-quality manufacturing processes. Moreover, Goodcom products undergo testing and certification by recognized authorities such as CE, RoHS, FCC, and others, ensuring compliance with international standards.

For over 20 years, Goodcom has been providing solutions to customers worldwide, catering to various industries and applications. Our Android POS Machines and WiFi GPRS SMS Printers are popular in online restaurant food ordering and delivery, airtime top-up, mobile recharge, mobile payment, e-wallet, bus ticketing, car parking, lottery, and more.

One of the key strengths of Goodcom is our high level of customization. We offer OEM and ODM services, allowing customers to tailor their products to specific requirements. With quick and precise development capabilities, Goodcom ensures efficient and effective solutions for their clients.

ISO certified Factory

ISO9001 Certified Factory

OEM/ODM Services

Customized services for appearance, packing, logo, and software development to meet individual customer requirements.

20 Years of Experience

Over 20 years of experience in researching and developing for multiple solutions.

Quality Assurance

Products are tested and certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, etc


Fast Shipping and Efficient Time of Delivery.


24/7 Online Support. Precise tech assistance.

Quality Assurance

Enhancing POS Terminal Quality through Testing

GOODCOM quality control in POS terminals requires rigorous testing measures. This includes comprehensive testing to cover all critical functionalities, regression testing to ensure stability and compatibility, and usability testing to enhance user experience.

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Our Certificates

The factory has obtained ISO9001 certification, and the products are tested and certified by CE, FCC, etc.


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December 1, 2023

GOODCOM addresses the increasing number of on-street parking with a dedicated parking ticket printer. This solution effortlessly combines GOODCOM Android POS printers with a dedicated application for efficient parking ticket printing. For parking managers looking to monitor parking history, the GOODCOM parking ticket printer not only enables the viewing of vehicle history but also enhances overall management efficiency. View and print parking reports: We make it easy to view and print parking reports with just a few taps on our parking ticket printer. GOODCOM's parking management system makes this function simple and easy to operate. You can [...]

November 24, 2023

Introduction: GcAnyBus is an app that allows driver or conductor to print bus ticket on the bus. In addition to the basics like setting routes, passenger types, and checking daily ticket sales, we've recently introduced two cool features: 'Expense' and 'Day Close.' Expense Feature: The brand-new Expense feature is like a versatile tool for keeping track of all kinds of on-the-road spending, such as fuel costs. It's not just about money – you can also jot down details like who was driving or selling tickets during each trip. And guess what? The system automatically stamps the time [...]

November 17, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of online order management, Gcanyorder stands out as the comprehensive solution designed to empower your business with efficiency, control, and customer satisfaction. Our app is meticulously crafted to cater specifically to the unique needs of online order-centric businesses, offering a suite of features that streamline processes, enhance communication, and elevate the overall management experience. Intuitive Order Processing: Gcanyorder simplifies the order processing journey, providing a user-friendly interface for staff to efficiently manage online orders. From order confirmation to fulfillment, each step is optimized for simplicity and speed. Centralized Order Dashboard: Keep a finger [...]

October 13, 2023

To solve the common challenge of chaos during busy restaurant hours, GcAnyOrder has implemented a convenient solution. We have introduced a user-friendly feature. A functional button that can be linked to any interface you need. Restaurant personnel can access the website backend directly through this button. The button is prominently displayed on the GcAnyOrder sidebar, ensuring easy access for restaurant staff. What is the significance of this function? For example, this function offers a seamless way for staff to manage food inventory status, even during the busiest times in the restaurant. 1. Effortless Inventory Management: [...]

October 7, 2023

The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important festival in traditional Chinese culture, representing reunion and beauty. On this special day, Goodcom decided to celebrate in a unique way - holding a wonderful team-building activity of “Bobing”. At the beginning of the activity, Goodcom employees were divided into two groups, and members of each group gathered together to welcome this anticipated Mid-Autumn Festival team building. The cake table is filled with delicious mooncakes, various snacks and rich gifts. The employees enthusiastically participated in the “Bobing game”, and every roll of the dice represented a mood of expectation [...]

September 28, 2023

In today's modern society, parking management is an undeniable challenge. With the growth of urban populations and the increasing number of vehicles, parking lot management has become increasingly complex. To address this issue, the Parking Server has emerged as an integrated solution that can be used for recording parking data and managing POS devices, offering numerous significant advantages. If you find yourself grappling with the complexities of parking lot management, worry no more – Goodcom is here to offer you a comprehensive parking solution. Our cutting-edge technology and expertise in the field make us the ideal [...]

September 15, 2023

Food delivery has become an indispensable service in our modern, fast-paced lives, and closely related to it is the significant role played by food delivery receipts. In this article, we will explore GOODCOM pos printer technology behind food delivery receipts, the convenience of setting delivery time and the importance of logo customization by GOODCOM 1. The advantages of GOODCOM pos printer for food delivery include: Speed: pos printer is exceptionally fast, enabling restaurants and delivery services to handle a high volume of orders efficiently. Clarity: pos printer produces sharp and legible text and [...]

September 8, 2023

Introduce: In the dynamic world of public transportation, where every second counts, let's embark on a journey to uncover the marvels of the bus ticket POS printer. But what precisely is this remarkable contraption? Join us on a captivating expedition through the realm of ticketing as we delve deep into the enchanting universe of Goodcom's Bus Ticket POS Printer. The Enchanting Bus Ticket POS Printer: What Does It Do? Imagine a device that can effortlessly craft tailor-made bus tickets, personalized for your unique journey. Here's the magic: you select your desired route, specify your passenger type, and [...]

August 3, 2023

Introduce: Welcome to Goodcom android pos with printer behind-the-scenes exploration of the factory testing process! In this blog, we'll take you on an exciting journey, revealing the critical steps to ensure the highest quality products you love. From raw materials to finished products, from finished products to shipment, Goodcom control quality at every level to meet industry standards and customer expectations. Dive into the world of factory testing with us and witness the meticulous measures taken to create first-class products. 1. Incoming inspection: Our journey begins with inspecting incoming raw materials. This stage involves thoroughly examining and [...]

July 22, 2023

In order to promote employee communication and enhance friendship, Our company organized tourism activities from July 12, 2023 to July 19, 2023. Not only it can carry forward the GOODCOM corporate culture concept, but also it can enrich the staff's amateur cultural life and broaden their horizons. First stop: Harbin--Saint Sophia Cathedral Nestled in the heart of Harbin, China, Saint Sophia Cathedral stands as a magnificent testament to history, architecture, and spirituality. Drawn by its breathtaking beauty and cultural significance, we embarked on a soul-stirring journey to this iconic cathedral. As Goodcom delved into the rich heritage [...]