In today’s fiercely competitive catering market, flexibly controlling the opening and closing of restaurants and improving customer experience are indispensable key factors for catering owners. GOODCOM’s latest Woocommerce plug-in—Goodcom restaurant business opening, brings an intelligent management method to restaurant owners.

Next let’s take a look at how to implement this solution:

Step1: Install the plug-in in the woocommerce backend – Goodcom restaurant business opening

Woocommerce plug-in

Specific installation steps:Click Plugins—Add new—Upload Plugin—Select a document—Install now

Step2:Active GOODCOM’s latest Woocommerce plug-in—— Goodcom restaurant business opening

Goodcom restaurant business opening

Step3: Open remote setting to set the parameters

Open remote setting

Specific parameter setting steps: Add: F08 in item 24;

Finally, manage your store status easily:

restaurant's GcAnyOrder
restaurant's GcAnyOrder
restaurant's GcAnyOrder
restaurant's GcAnyOrder

Benefits of Having This Feature for Your Restaurant Business

Easily manage store status

By installing the Goodcom restaurant business activation plug-in in the Woocommerce backend, restaurant operators can easily control the opening and closing status of the restaurant. Just click the “Close” button on the restaurant’s “GcAnyOrder” app, and the plug-in can connect the restaurant’s status to the Woocommerce platform in real time, visually showing the store’s closed status and ensuring that customers cannot place orders.

Optimize restaurant management and improve customer experience

Through the solution of this plug-in, restaurant operators can more flexibly control the restaurant’s business hours, improve resource utilization efficiency, and provide strong support for the overall operational efficiency of the restaurant. At the same time, while customers have a clear understanding of the restaurant’s business hours, they can also plan their dining time more effectively to improve their overall dining experience.

GOODCOM is committed to continuously optimizing the solutions and operating experience of woocommerce plug-ins, and providing catering owners with more intelligent and efficient management solutions. We will continue to pay attention to market demand, continue to introduce advanced technology, provide catering owners with better and more convenient management tools, and help the catering industry develop faster.

If you want to improve restaurant management efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, the GOODCOM restaurant business activation plug-in will be your indispensable intelligent assistant. Experience this intelligent management tool now to bring new convenience and efficiency to your restaurant business management!