GcAnyBus is an app that allows driver or conductor to print bus ticket on the bus. In addition to the basics like setting routes, passenger types, and checking daily ticket sales, we’ve recently introduced two cool features: ‘Expense’ and ‘Day Close.’

Expense Feature:

The brand-new Expense feature is like a versatile tool for keeping track of all kinds of on-the-road spending, such as fuel costs. It’s not just about money – you can also jot down details like who was driving or selling tickets during each trip. And guess what? The system automatically stamps the time you record each entry, so you’ve got a real-time record of expenses at specific moments.

Day Close Feature:

Making day-to-day operations a breeze, the Day Close feature lets operators say, “That’s a wrap for today’s trip!” with a simple click. Once you hit that button, the system whips up a full trip report, noting down the date, today’s ticket sales, and a breakdown of expenses. This seamless integration speeds up the end-of-day routine, giving operators a quick look at how things went.

Benefits of the Upgraded Features:

Easy Record-Keeping: The Expense feature helps you keep meticulous records of all the spending, making money matters clear and organized.

Quick Trip Closure: The Day Close feature speeds up the process of ending a day’s trip, providing operators with an instant, detailed report of the day’s activities.

Real-time Documentation: Entries get time-stamped automatically, so you’ve got accurate, real-time records of expenses, drivers, ticket sellers, and other important info.

Complete Reporting: The trip report covers all the bases, giving you a complete view of the day’s performance, including ticket sales and expenses.

POS Machine Friendly: Print out the complete trip report with a POS machine – it’s easy, accessible, and gives you a solid record to keep.

In conclusion, the latest upgrades in GcAnyBus make the app even more user-friendly by introducing features that not only simplify day-to-day operations but also help operators make informed decisions. Adding the ‘Expense’ and ‘Day Close’ features shows our commitment to providing a robust solution for bus operators who want efficiency and transparency in their operations.