GOODCOM addresses the increasing number of on-street parking with a dedicated parking ticket printer. This solution effortlessly combines GOODCOM Android POS printers with a dedicated application for efficient parking ticket printing. For parking managers looking to monitor parking history, the GOODCOM parking ticket printer not only enables the viewing of vehicle history but also enhances overall management efficiency.

View and print parking reports:

We make it easy to view and print parking reports with just a few taps on our parking ticket printer. GOODCOM’s parking management system makes this function simple and easy to operate. You can easily access and print parking reports directly from your parking ticket printer, with three convenient viewing options: time type, vehicle type, and fee type. Let’s get into the details.

Detailed analysis by vehicle type:

Well, let’s dive into the parking report! Picture this: you’re eager to know how parking is for different vehicle types. Don’t worry, just pick up the GOODCOM parking ticket printer and enter the parking management system, then slide into the left function bar, click “View Report” and then move your finger on “By Vehicle Type”. Select the time period you want to view. After selecting, the screen will display the total number of each vehicle type parked during that time period and the total Sales. And, for the tangible types who prefer hard copies, the GOODCOM Parking Ticket Printer has you covered. See for yourself how the GOODCOM Parking Management System can seamlessly meet your needs.

parking ticket
parking ticket

Detailed Parking Record Sheet:

If you’re eager for a thorough insight into your parking records, the GOODCOM Parking Management System is your go-to solution. Begin by navigating to the parking server, locate the “Check Out” option on the left function bar, and choose your specific parking lot of interest. Here comes the exciting part – export a meticulously detailed parking record form.

Within this comprehensive form, you gain access to a wealth of information: license plate numbers, toll types, vehicle classifications, street names, and a plethora of other detailed specifics. It’s your all-in-one guide to understanding every aspect of your parking history.

car parking ticket
parking tickets

Whether you’re aiming for swift customer service as a parking attendant or refining your management strategy, the GOODCOM Parking Management System and Parking Ticket Printer duo ensures efficiency and practicality.