GOODOM Gcanyorder App is designed to simplify this process by allowing you to receive and print orders via SMS, Email, or HTTP. In this blog, we’ll focus on setting up the system to handle orders through Email.

Email is a convenient method for receiving online orders. It provides a straightforward way to manage communications and ensures that all orders are documented and easily accessible. By setting up your Gcanyorder App to receive orders via Email, you can streamline your operations and enhance your service efficiency.

Step-by-Step Email Setup Guide

1. Configure Your Email Server

To start, ensure that your email server is configured to support either POP3 or IMAP protocols. These protocols enable the Gcanyorder App to access and process incoming orders.

2. Obtain Your Remote Setup ID

Next, you’ll need to obtain the remote setup ID from your machine. This ID is crucial for linking your Gcanyorder App with the remote setup webpage, allowing you to configure your settings accurately.

3. Enter the Remote Setup ID

Go to the remote setup webpage and enter the remote setup ID. This step ensures that your Gcanyorder is correctly identified and connected within the remote setup webpage, allowing you to enter Remote Setup parameters.

4. Configure Connection Settings

After entering the remote setup ID, proceed to configure the connection settings. You’ll need to set the following parameters:

Connection Mode: Select connection mode as Email.

IP Address: Enter the IP address of your email server.

Port: Specify the port number used by your email server for POP3 or IMAP access.

Email ID and Password: Provide the mail account ID and password for receiving online food orders.

These settings ensure that the Gcanyorder App can successfully connect to your email server and retrieve incoming orders.

5. Receive and Print Orders

Once the connection settings are configured, the Gcanyorder App connected to your email server will start receiving and printing orders. This automated process minimizes the risk of missed orders and ensures that your kitchen or order fulfillment team can work efficiently.

Setting up your Gcanyorder App to receive and print orders via Email is a smart move for the food service business looking to improve efficiency and reliability. With this easy-to-follow guide, you can configure your system quickly and start enjoying the benefits of streamlined order management.

Stay tuned for more tips and guides on optimizing your online order handling with Gcanyorder. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. Happy ordering!