WiFi GPRS SMS Printer

GPRS Printer. SMS Printer. Email Order Printer. GPRS POS Terminal. Wireless Printer SMS. Woocommerce Receipt Printer. Ticket Printer Restaurant. Food Order Printer. Bus Ticket Printer. USSD Top Up Receipt Printer.

Android PDA Handheld

Android PDA. Handheld PDA with Scanner. Rugged PDA for Logistics and Cargo Delivery Business. Android 11 OS, 3GB RAM & 32GB ROM. 1D/2D Scanner Professional. IP67 Water Proof & Dust Protect. WiFi, 4G, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth Connection.

Android Printer Bluetooth

Bluetooth Android Printer. Mini Thermal Android Printer. Handheld Bluetooth Printer. Mobile Printer Thermal. Mobile Printer Bluetooth. Android Ticket Printer. Portable Receipt Printer.