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Bus Ticket Printing Machine Handheld

The Bus Ticket Printing Machine Handheld could be used to issue and print bus tickets for passengers. The work flow (menu) could be customized based on different requirement, which provides convenience for the management of road transport corporations and private bus operators.

There are admin functions such as setting ticket types and prices, raising daily report, checking records, etc.. Field Executives can login and logout with each shift for direct accountability of any money collected and transactions performed.

Basic Work Flow of Bus Ticketing

There are online & offline solutions

1) Offline Bus Ticketing

Step 1: The conductor will be allowed to enter the operation menu with his name and given password.

Step 2: When a passenger goes on the bus or to the bus station, the conductor select the start station, destination, ticket type(e.g. Adult, Child, Student, Luggage, etc.), then input the amount and print out the ticket for the passenger.

Step 3: At the end of the day, the administrator will login the admin menu and check the total amount collected, and upload the record to PC.

2) Online Bus Ticketing (the bus ticket printing machine handheld will connect with web server always)

Step 1: when a passenger goes on the bus or to the bus station, the conductor select the route on the terminal and send request to the web server, the server sends back the stations to the bus ticketing terminal.

Step 2: Conductor selects the start station and stop station, select ticket type (Adult, Child, Student, Luggage, etc.). The terminal sends info to web server, and the server calculates the total amount and returns to the terminal. The Bus Ticketing terminal will then print the ticket out.