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Car Parking Ticket Management

Free Software for on-street & off-street car parking management is provided together with the Android Pos Terminal and Wireless Printers.

Easy operation for calculating parking cost, issuing and printing parking ticket, and generating sales report. Admin settings for name of the streets, type of vehicles, number of available parking slots, and different charge standards including hourly rate, charge per entry, per day, etc..

OEM/ODM customized services is provided.

Basic Work Flow

1. When the car is entering the parking lot, the operator enters the parking time and license plate number on the POS terminal or on the wireless printer.

2. The POS Terminal prints a ticket including info of date, time, license plate number and operator ID. A qr code ticket could be generated with these info.

3. When the car is leaving, car owner gives the entry ticket to operator, the operator uses the POS terminal or the wireless printer to read the ticket,The POS or printer will calculate how much it costs and print the receipt with parking time and amount.

4. The parking records will be saved automatically. For online – mode, the records will be sent to the web server in time.