Goodcom Printer for WooCommerce

Goodcom provides plugin for integrating the Android Printer –GcAnyOrder App and wifi gprs printer with wordpress Woocommerce stores. The order placed through a woocommerce store will be received by the GcAnyOrder App installed on the Android Printer or received by the WiFi GPRS Printer automatically. Restaurant owner will accept the order and select time for delivery, or reject the order and select an unavailable reason. The feedback will return to the woocommerce store and update the order status as accepted by goodcom printer.

Connecting the Goodcom Android Printer or WiFi GPRS Printer with your woocommerce store easily by following the steps as below.

For the Android POS Printer, we provide GcAnyOrder app for management of online orders. It’s all free and highly customizable for logo, printout format, admin control, etc.

For the WiFi GPRS Printer equipment, we provide free software for receiving SMS orders, Email orders, and website orders sent through http / https protocol.

GcAnyOrder App

The GcAnyOrder App is developed by Goodcom R&D team, for the Goodcom Android POS Printer. It’s designed to receive and print online orders via Email, SMS, and website orders, especially supports woocommerce plugin, wppizza, laravel, opencart, etc.. We developed specific features for restaurants, such as opening/closing time setting; update of order status, eg., delivered; daily report, etc..

Why Use GCAnyOrder?

Easy to Install and Use – GCAnyOrder App is easy to install and use. You don’t need any technical expertise to get started. The app seamlessly integrates with your WooCommerce store, and you can start printing orders within minutes.

Customizable Order Receipts – With GCAnyOrder, you can customize your order receipts with your logo, store name, and other relevant information. You can also add barcodes, QR codes, and other essential details to your receipts.

Multiple Print Fonts – GCAnyOrder supports multiple print fonts, including Gcfont and System font. You can choose the font style that best suits your interest.

gcanyorder app for online order printing

The Ultimate Solution for Printing WooCommerce Orders through Goodcom POS Printer

As a WooCommerce store owner, one of the most critical tasks you face is processing orders efficiently. Whether you are running a busy online store or a small business, you need a reliable solution to print orders seamlessly. Goodcom printer for woocommerce plugin is a powerful plugin that makes printing WooCommerce orders a breeze.

What is goodcom printer for woocommerce?

Goodcom Printer for Woocommerce is a WooCommerce plugin that enables you to print orders from your online store using a Goodcom POS printer. It is an app that allows you to customize your order receipts with logos, barcodes, and other relevant information.

How to Install the “goodcom printer for woocommerce” Plugin

Step one

Install goodcom printer  plugin

The first step to using it is to install and active the Goodcom Printer for Woocommerce Plugin to your woocommerce store.

Step two

Check Goodcom Printer Integration through your Woocommerce Settings

Woocommerce Settings – Integration – Goodcom Printer Integration

It allows setting unique RES ID, login user name and password for each woocommerce store.

It also supports some of the plugins which are usually used by the online food delivery solutions. For example, DOKAN – for multiple vendor solutions, etc.

Step three

Connect Your Goodcom Printer with Your Woocommerce Store

Connect to the WiFi GPRS Printer (GT6000S, GT6000SW), or to the Android Printer (GT81 Pro, GT81, GT90) with GcAnyOrder App. Upload the settings to the printer through Parmtool.exe or through Remote Setting url:

For remote setting, please obtain the terminal ID through printer menu – settings – remote setting, or through GcAnyOrder App – settings – general setting – remote setting.

Change the settings listed as below, then click upload. For filepath and callback url, please set the website url of your woocommerce store.

Step Four

Print Your Orders

Once you have set up the Goodcom POS Printer, you can start printing orders. goodcom printer for woocommerce plugin automatically sends orders to your Goodcom printer as soon as they are placed on your WooCommerce store.

goodcom printer for woocommerce order printout

Goodcom Printer for woocommerce plugin developed by Goodcom is the ultimate solution for printing WooCommerce orders. With its customizable order receipts, multiple print formats, and easy-to-use interface, Goodcom POS Printer with Free Plugin and Free GcAnyorder App makes printing orders efficient and cost-effective. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to print your WooCommerce orders, GOODCOM is the answer.

Goodcom Android Printer for Woocommerce

Android Pos Terminal with Built in Thermal Printer. 57/58mm Thermal Paper Roll. Handheld Size. NFC reader, Magnetic Card Reader, Smart Chip Card Reader for Optional. QR code reader, Bar code Reader for Optional. Android 10.0 OS, 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM. Android 7.1 OS, 1GB RAM & 8GB ROM.