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Lottery Ticket Printing

To meet with the increasing demand of applying the handheld pos terminal and printer for lottery ticket printing system, Good R&D has developed an app with multiple functions based on customer’s requirement. It’s not only used for selling lottery and printing lottery ticket, but also for verifying the winning number, issuing the daily report, etc..

Lottery Ticket Printing Basic Work Flow

1. Customer goes to the shop to buy lottery, and tell the operator the lottery numbers.

2. Operator inputs the numbers and other info on the lottery terminal. The info will be sent to the web server.

3. The server verifies the info and sends confirmation to lottery terminal.

4. The lottery terminal prints out a ticket and save the exclusive ID number in the terminal for records.

5. The winner will bring the ticket to withdraw the money. The ticket number will be sent to the web server for verification.

6. The web server returns the result to the lottery terminal. If the number wins, the operator pays the amount.